Making & Maturing Disciples
Do you labor?  Are you heavy burdened?  Jesus said to come to Him and He will give rest (Matthew 11:28-30).  That's right REST!  We cannot promise a life without struggles, but we are a family committed to the support of one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.  We sincerely invite you to join us as we come to Jesus, and strive to become more like Him!  God is preparing a place of rest where we can go and be with Him; we desire to be there!  Won't you join us?

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Sunday Morning: Class 9:30 AM, Worship 10:30 AM

    Sunday Evening: Worship 6:00 PM

      Wednesday Evening: Bible Study 7:00 PM

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      Sunday Mornings at 8:00 AM and Thursday Evenings at 9:00 PM

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